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MIN ORDER: 6 pieces per style 

WSP (wholesale price)-- depending on order size.

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min order 6 pieces per-style. Shipment will be 60 days from completed PO submission. WSP (WHOLESALE PRICE)-- DEPENDING ON ORDER SIZE. Min Order size: Retail divided by 2.5
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TERMS OF SALE: This purchase order is an offer by from the company identified (the 'BUYER") for the purchase of the goods (the "STYLES") specified from the party to whom the purchase order is requested (named "RIGF X JNCO").  This Order will be deemed accepted by RIGF X JNCO upon RIGF X JNCO making, signing, or delivering to Buyer any letter, form, or other writing acknowledging acceptance; or RIGF X JNCO's receipt of notice to Buyer that RIGF X JNCO does not accept.

PRICE TERMS OF SALE: The price of the styles are the price stated on the face of the invoice. RIGF X JNCO shall invoice Buyer for the Styles upon an accepted Order. Buyer shall pay all invoiced amounts due to RIGF X JNCO within sixty (60) days after receipt of such invoice and/or upon delivery of STYLES, which ever event occurs first.

CHANGE ORDER: Buyer may not initiate changes to Order that alter or deduct from the styles. If an addition is requested, a new Purchase Order will be requested by RIGF X JNCO.

CONDITION OF SALE: No order may be cancelled before completion date without manufacturer's permission.  All claims for shortages must be made within five days of receipt of goods.  Original packing slip must accompany claim.  Merchandise returned to GUOTAI USA CO, LTD without previous notice will not be accepted.  We are entitled to the courtesy of your intention to return merchandise. All merchandise is shipped F.O.B. our warehouse in Los Angeles.  

DELIVERY: RIGF X JNCO shall deliver the styles at the delivery point (the “SHIPPING ADDRESS”) included within this form, and on the date(s) specified on the invoice. If no delivery date is specified, RIGF X JNCO shall deliver in full within sixty (60) days of receipt of the Order. Timely delivery is of the essence. 

INSPECTION: Buyer reserves the right to inspect the styles on or after the Delivery Date. Buyer, at its sole option, may reject any portion of the styles if it determines the styles are defective or nonconforming. If Buyer requires replacement of the STYLES, RIGF X JNCO shall promptly replace the nonconforming styles. If RIGF X JNCO fails to timely deliver replacement STYLES, Buyer may receive a charge-back, returning the charge of defective styles back to Buyer.